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5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries

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These first two systems are the foundation for any Business Operating System (BOS) – The 5/30 Grid is the DNA for business success and the Personality Masteries is the DNA for understanding people.

These first two systems are the foundation for any Business Operating System (BOS) – The 5/30 Grid is the DNA for business success and the Personality Masteries is the DNA for understanding people.

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., says “The 5/30 Grid is the most amazing process as it’s like the DNA for any type of business.  It works for world wide companies, small one person companies and for community based organizations.  It runs everything in a more effective/efficient manner than I have ever seen in my entire business career.  Everyone should be using the 5/30 Grid and sharing it with every other business owner/professional they know.”

This program is a one of a kind program as it combines two, of what many people would say, are the most powerful business systems in the world – 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries.  Both systems have been developed and perfected over the last 20+ years to provide you with the most comprehensive combined training available in the marketplace today.

They are the foundation for BOS

By going through both of these amazing systems, at the same time, you will save time as well as money, and will see greater success from the joint learning and application.  On going mastermind sessions are available as well, to insure that you not only learn all the content well, but also apply it – i.e. take action on what you learn.

There are five modules (for the 5 Areas Of Business) and each are six weeks in length.  In addition to deeply learning each of the 5 Areas of business, we learn at the same time, about our own personality, and how other types of personalities would think and respond.  

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Module 1 – Area 1: Marketing

Is there really a science to getting more and better leads?  Are there systems, tools, processes and techniques which help us to generate more leads, better leads and a consistent flow of leads?

In Lesson 1-1 (Level 1 – Box 1) Identify Targets, we’ll learn the importance of building a powerful database and how that database is the heart of our company.  Healthy heart, healthy company!

In Lesson 1-2 (Level 2 – Box 2) Develop & Deliver A Message, we learn that the only way to make money on any type of database is to develop the right message, to the right people, in the right way/time.  We also learn how to build a marketing machine which will be consistent in developing the right message based on various people’s personality types, needs, their pain, and a number of other factors .

In Lesson 1-3 (Level 3 – Box 6) Group People & Messages, we learn how to save a lot of time and produce better results with less time and effort by properly grouping our people together.  By grouping people in very specific types of groups, we are able to craft a message (Lesson 2) so “perfect” for that group that we will cause more people to raise their hands, showing interest in our products/services.

In Lesson 1-4 (Level 4 – Box 10) Measure Results, we learn the importance of measuring all our efforts as well as our results.  Do we really know where our time and marketing dollars go?  Do we know how to measure both the quantity and quality of leads from all the different sources we generate leads from?  Do we have a fast, easy and simple way to determine what the benefits would be to shifting our marketing time/dollars to other areas of focus and what impact that would have on our bottom line?

Lesson 1-5 (Level 5 – Box 15) Personality Based Marketing, focuses exclusively on the art of Personality Masteries within all aspects of marketing.  Do we currently market to the analytic personality in a different way than we do the expressive?  Do we know that the marketing message to a driver personality will actually totally turn off the amiable personality?  If different personality types tend to be drawn to different messages, how do we segment our database based on personalities?

Lesson 1-6 (Level 6 – Box 20) Dollar Results Marketing, is an exciting lesson to finish up with as it pulls together everything we know and then connects all the dots together to have a marketing operating system which fully connects into a Business Operating System in a very impressive manner.

NOTE:  Are you wondering why the boxes in the 5/30 Grid are numbered in a different way than the levels going horizontally?  That is a great question!  We call the process you are learning here “horizontal learning”, which is an extremely effective way to learn the 5/30 Grid, especially when you combine Personality Masteries with this learning process.  If you view the entire 5/30 Grid you will see things a little differently.  Diagonal learning/application – going from the upper left down to the lower right – is another great way to learn/apply the 5/30 Grid.  The huge benefit of diagonal learning is that it fully integrates all five areas of business together, which compliment and blend the power of each of the 5 Areas to produce a result so much more powerful than any one of the individual areas could be on their own.

Module 2 – Area 2: Pre-Sales

If you had 10 leads, with a lead being a name and a phone number of someone who expressed interest in your product or service, how many would you convert?

Do you know why most companies only convert 1 out of 10?  Actually there are many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is that they do not have pre-sales systems in place.  Most companies do not even separate the Pre-Sales responsibilities from the Sales.  The skills/personality type of those who tend to do well in Pre-Sales is actually very different from those who tend to be skilled in Sales.

In Lesson 2-1 (Level 2 – Box 3), Track 100% of Leads – we learn how something very simple is often not done and the massive costs to that.  We learn how different personality types will actually track leads in different ways and how that can be good as well as a challenge.  If we track 999 leads and just miss one lead, that can cost us millions of dollars. There aren’t a lot of areas we can be perfect in,  but this is one of those areas we MUST expect perfection and have the systems and disciplines to follow through.

Lesson 2-2 (Level 2 – Box 5) Implement 10+ Strategic Strikes – is one of the hardest of all 30 boxes in the 5/30 Grid.  Based on different university studies the average number of contacts that it takes to make a sale is 6 to 10.  Those same researchers studied how many contacts the average salesperson/business makes and found it to be 2. Hmmmmm, if it takes 10 contacts to make a sale and we do 90% of the work and make only 9, how much do we earn?  That’s right, zero.  Getting a strong strategic strike in place can help you double your sales, without any additional leads and without any additional cost, work or effort.  It’s working a whole lot smarter, not harder.

Lesson 2-3 (Level 3 – Box 9) Improve Pressure Points – When we measure all our steps in our pre-sales process, which gives us the ability to measure the pressure point, we then know quickly what is working and what is not.  The faster we learn what actions are producing the results the sooner we learn the right combination for success.  As a result of measuring all of our efforts and the results produced by our efforts, we are able to move much faster in the marketplace, out performing our competition, increasing our sales closing ratios and reducing our sales cycle.

Lesson 2-4 (Level 4 – Box 14) – Personality Driven – Every lesson in this module fully integrates Personality Masteries.  This lesson zero’s in on how different personalities tend to make a buying decision.  By learning specifically how to communicate to a prospect in their own unique language, prospects will know – like – and trust us faster.  This knowledge will help those in pre-sales to better position every prospect to be converted faster and with less effort.

Lesson 2-5 (Level 5 – Box 19) – Large New Lead Sources – Do you find as your business grows that your need for more and better leads expands a great deal as well?  As our needs for leads grows, we need to learn how to gain large new lead sources rather than obtaining one new lead at a time.  The combination of Personality Masteries with the 5/30 Grid helps us to learn how to drill deeper with people to discover all their spheres of influence and how to best approach people about those connections in a way that will give us the best possibility of obtaining the introduction.

Lesson 2-6 (Level 6 – Box 24) – Model For Profitability – A model would indicate that we have a proven process to convert prospects into clients.  The higher the conversion percentage the more money we will make and the greater our profit.  There are different levels/quality of leads, different types of prospects as well as different personality types.  When our model includes all the different pieces of the puzzle it becomes very clear why the most profitable companies are the way they are, and how we will become the most profitable company in our marketplace.

Module 3 – Area 3: The Sales

The Sale is often the most difficult for any company to really put systems in place for on going, consistent success.  The combination of the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries helps us to make that process so much easier.

Lesson 3-1 (Level 1 – Box 4) Ask Key Questions – is often something that new sales professionals will tend to do well, but then over time, this skill set is often missed.  What most companies and sales professionals do not realize is that the sale actually happens, in large part, in the asking of the questions, NOT in the presentation of solutions.  Learning the prospects personality type will help us to ask better questions, ask them in the right way and even the right order.  We learn how certain personality types only need three levels of questions while others will most likely require going to a fourth level of questions.

Lesson 3-2 (Level 2 – Box 8) Master Present Solutions – Did you know that if you say the exact same words but say it in a different way, based on someone’s personality, that you will increase your sales closing ratio?  The mystery of sales, the magic box of sales is opened in this lesson.  Once we learn the DNA makeup of a person based on their personality and then how our personality affects and interacts with their personality, we will have the magic equation of how to present just the right solution at just the right time.

Lesson 3-3 (Level 3 – Box 13) Why Prospects Are Lost – What would happen if a sports team were to lose 9 out of 10 games or an army were to lose 9 out of every 10 who entered into battle?  That sports team would not be very successful and the war would never be won.  Businesses and sales professionals consistently do not close 9 out of 10 leads and there is often zero research as to why this happens.  We’ll learn in this lesson how to best research those loses and then what to do about what we find out.

 Lesson 3-4 (Level 4 – Box 18) Apply 5 Time Freedom Fighters – There are six ways to get something done, one of which is do the work ourselves.  The 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters – Delegate – Systematize – Contract Out – Hire Someone – Partner are the critical things that we need to learn to do in order to get our business or sales to run without us.  When we fully integrate the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries we have the DNA for people and DNA for business which sets the foundation in place for complete dominance within our industry.

Lesson 3-5 (Level 5 – Box 23) Speed To Sell – What would happen if you had a six months sales cycle and you reduced it down to three?  This would give your entire sales pipeline double the capacity.  That’s right, you could sell twice as much, with no additional costs or time.  This is obviously not easy (good reason it’s a level 5 lesson) but is possible as we combine all that we’ve learned thus far in the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries. Certain personalities will actually like to be closed faster which will not only reduce our sales time but also increase our sales closing ratio as well.

Lesson 3-6 (Level 6 – Box 27) Penetration vs. Expansion – What is better, getting more business from current clients or getting more clients?  Actually with it being a level 6 you’ve probably guessed that this isn’t as easy a question as it may sound.  Yes, in the short term, with all other things being equal, getting more business from current accounts would generate more profit.  But things are not equal and we need to learn to consider both short term as well as long term, we need to consider profit margins, future business opportunities and what other possible connections each account may bring, to name just a few factors.  The more factors we measure and the better job we do in measuring and placing the proper importance/weight on each of those factors, the better business decisions we will make.

Module 4 – Area 4: Servicing

Lesson 4-1 (Level 1 – Box 7) Ask For Referrals – Did you know that, based on the Cluster Principle that your current clients probably know between 3 and 9 other people/businesses who could use your product/service over the next six to twelve months?  This box is one of the fastest ways to generate more and better leads yet most companies do not have a system or even a process for doing this.

Natural Law:  The Cluster Principle –Click for Video

Lesson 4-2 (Level 2 – Box 12) Feed Successes into 1, 2, & 3 we learn how to apply the Seed Reproduction Principle where we capture our best successes and then plug those successes back into Marketing to improve the quantity and quality of leads coming in, into Pre-Sales to convert our prospects faster, and into The Sale to convert more of our leads into sales.  Learning how to produce these successes based on our client’s personality is a whole new dimension of service that will set us apart from our competition.

Lesson 4-3 (Level 3 – Box 17) Master Steps Pressure Point – Have you ever had the ideal client that you served in the most amazing way that produced not only a very happy client but also a lot of referrals?  How do we do this on a consistent basis?  How do we put a system in place which does this day and and day out?  Measuring our efforts and results in servicing help us to move to turning servicing into a profit center.  What systems, technology, media and tools should we use?  If our resources are stretched how do we find the time we do not seem to have.

Natural Law:  3 for 1 Principle – Click for Video

Lesson 4-4 (Level 4 – Box 22) Measure All Costs – Do your clients want more service?  That is probably a trick question as most would say “Yes.”  Actually one of the personalities very well might not desire more service but less.  Every client will desire better service and when we learn to service our clients based on their personality we not only learn how to improve our servicing, which will increase our referrals, but we learn to service our clients in less time with less costs.  The combination of the 5/30 + Personality Masteries will make a massive change in profit.

Lesson 4-5 (Level 5 – Box 26) Apply 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters – Which of the following is the best way to service our clients in the most effective and least costly way?  – Delegate – Systematize – Contract Out – Hire – Partner  Learning to apply the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters insures that we will never “Own a job” but “Own a company.”  The ability to use these five things will not only give us more time, reduce our stress, but will also give us unlimited scalability to pursue our full potential.

Lesson 4-6 (Level 6 – Box 29) Turn Into Profit Center – Do you look at your service center as a cost of doing business or a profit center?  Most businesses look at servicing a necessary evil.  Something we obviously have to have but let’s try to keep our costs to a minimum.  What if we were to change that perspective and start looking at servicing just like we do any other area of our business.  Should we increase how much we service our clients i.e. increase our costs?  If we can take that effort/dollars and generate a great return on investment then the answer is “Yes.”  How do we turn servicing efforts into more dollars?  The fastest way is to leverage the Cluster Principle which will mean our clients will refer us to more of those people they know.  What if we were to build into our servicing system a process a system to permeate all areas of the personal and professional connections which increase our reach by well over ten times?

Module 5 – Area 5: Client For Life

Lesson 5-1 (Level 1 – Box 11) Send Monthly Relationship Newsletter – Do you know the three major types of marketing and are you using each one in the most effective manner?  Relationship marketing is not designed to sell which is one reason it is so effective in developing long term relationships with clients who will refer more individuals to you.  When this concept is blended in with Personality Masteries we are able to develop stronger, better, more profitable relationships which will last a lifetime.

Lesson 5-2 (Level 2 – Box 16) Obtain B2B and B2C Referrals – When we consider how many people our clients know, how many social, business, and community based networks they are connected into, we start to realize that we have a great deal more reach/access to a lot more people than we probably realize.  We need to build a system which taps into the networks of our clients based on our clients personality to build horizontal connections throughout the key spheres of influence our clients have.

Lesson 5-3 (Level 3 – Box 21) Track All Efforts & Results – Knowing where all our efforts are being investing and what financial returns we are seeing as a result of those efforts is what will take us to the next level of success.  We know by the 80/20 Natural Law that when we will generate 80% of our profit from 20% of our efforts.  If we are not measure where we are investing our resources and what financial return we are gaining from that effort, we will not know where to deploy our resources for better maximization of profit.  If our competition does a better job in this than we do, we very well may be put out of business.

Lesson 5-4 (Level 4 – Box 25) Implement R&D – Innovative company which are successful will have much higher profit margins than companies who are followers.  Because of the risks that naturally come with innovation companies how are innovative are visionary within their industries/worlds.  Did you know that each of the 4/16 personality types would approach R&D in a different way?  Each will have their own strengths and weaknesses in their approach.  If we properly combine the strengths and weaknesses we can almost eliminate all the weaknesses and magnify/multiply the strengths. This lesson will give someone a totally different view of R&D than they have ever considered.

Lesson 5-5 (Level 5 – Box 28) Process For New Products – A natural outcome for R&D/Innovation is new products and services.  When we consider personality masteries and properly blend in the perfect balance of the 5/30 Grid we will not only develop innovative new products/services but we will do it much faster than the competition, with less costs, and greater effectiveness.  Our businesses can be so effective in doing this that it would create/support entire companies or even industries.  Be a leader in every market place we are in and every industry we are connected to.

Lesson 5-6 (Level 6 – Box 30) Apply 5 Freedom Fighters – Box 30 brings it all together and if you will notice it is the only box that is repeated three times throughout the grid.  If we do not master these 5 Freedom Fighters we will own a job not a company.  Our vision will be limited, we will miss opportunities, and we will not achieve our full potential.  We will earn less money, work more hours, have more stress, and our lives will be out of balance if we do not master the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters.  Each personality will have their own unique gifts/strengths when it comes to how to best apply each one and see success.  Learning how to capture the gifts of each personality will make every individual throughout our entire company/organization achieve their full potential.

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The 5/30 Grid is the foundation for every Business Operating System (BOS) and the heart that pumps the dollars for every business within the 5/30 Grid is sales.   BOS Click Here for PDF download OR Click Here for website

$279 for any module (7 Lesson per module)

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