Are you looking for new innovative ways to generate a lot more sales, without a lot of additional costs, time or people?

Are you open to new ideas?

Purpose For Mastermind
Assist business owners to understand how to build and implement a system which will build Profitable Partnership.  Earn a lot more money, while working a lot less hours.

Why We Started The Group
Have you ever felt you could be earning a lot more money?  Most businesses could double or event triple their business IF they had a system by which they could partner with other businesses and their clients.  This mastermind group is devoted to helping businesses learn how to do this, share best practices, tools, systems resources and actual networks.  Connect with other business owners who are actually already doing this in a very big way.

Day & Time & Location 

– Every Friday11:30 am (pst), 12:30 pm (mst), 1:30 pm (cst), 2:30 pm (est)
– Conference calling number – 712-775-7031   // Access Code: 688-592#
– Webinar Access:

– NONE – Members have found the most interesting thing.  Those you Pay It Forward and make a commitment to contribute weekly gain the most value.  It’s also interesting that those who contribute more seem to gain more value.

thinkAre You Familiar with Napoleon Hill’s Book, Think and Grow Rich?

Do you believe what Napoleon wrote about the power of mastermind groups i.e. Profitable Partnerships?

Do you believe in the power of systems?

Imagine . . . having a Profitable Partnership System which is so powerful it would eliminate or at least reduce the roller coasters in your business! Click Here

Most professionals/business owners have thought about developing profitable partnerships and/or referral partners but very few go much further than thinking about it.

For those who do, few actually know how to build a system for developing Profitable Partnerships, which can be one of the most profitable sources of leads a business can build. In this course you’ll not only learn how to build a system to have Profitable Partnerships, but as an added bonus, you will learn to become a better leader as well.

Why are profitable partnerships connected to learning how to be a great leader?

Individuals and companies that you partner with could choose to partner with your competition instead.

In addition to having a turnkey profitable partnership system, being a great leader will draw the best and most profitable people and companies to partner with you.

1. Introduction/Overview Lesson
2. What causes a great partnership & prevents poor ones?
3. Level 1: Culture & Values – HOPE & Time
4. Connecting Culture-Values-HOPE-Time to each personality type
5. Level 2: Vision – Head & Talents
6. The different perspectives on everything based on personalities
7. Level 3: Belief & Knowledge – Heart & Treasure
8. Why different personalities value things in such a different way
9. Level 4: DO – Hands & Trust
10. How different personalities DO & Trust in different ways
11. Level 5: GIVE – HELP & Truth
12. How different personalities GIVE – HELP & see Truth
13. Level 6: Our Legacy & The NEXT Dimension
14. The NEXT Steps . . .
Bonus session

As you can probably tell from the 14 week course outline, this is not a course for everyone. It is a very intense course . . . not so much from a time perspective but from a “keeping one’s mind open” perspective.

If you are not sure you should take the course, please allow us to ask you a few questions.

“If what you believed to be true was not true, would you want to know it?”

If you said “No” or “It depends”, then it would probably be best if you didn’t take this course. This course, or mastermind group, is designed for people who want to see the truth regardless of how pretty or ugly it is.

8thhabitIn addition to all the amazing curriculum you will be taught, you will have systems, tools, blogs and other powerful resources. We are also using two books as part of the learning process.

We will be using Napoleon Hill’s concept of mastermind groups to insure that all we learn together, will actually be applied. Meaning . . . if you go through the course YOU WILL take action. How do we know this? You need to pass a test prior to being allowed into the mastermind group and the course.

You need to show that you are consistent for 10 days in a row by watching 1 video and posting a blog on that video each day for 10 days. The average length of each video is 6 minutes. If you miss one day, then you need to start over at the beginning until you do 10 days in a row without missing one day.

There is far too much to list everything that is a part of this program but we know you may want more information.

If you are a person who can process things very quickly, have a strong gut feel about this, and want to just jump in and take action. Click Here For Ordering Information

The Profitable Partnerships + Leadership course is actually the blending of a number of different systems, tools and resources.


Two of the systems leveraged in this course – 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., says “The 5/30 Grid is the most amazing process because it’s the DNA for any type of business. It works for world wide companies, small one person companies and for community based organizations. It runs everything in a more effective and efficient manner than I have ever seen in my entire business career. Everyone should be using the 5/30 Grid and sharing it with every other business owner and professional they know.”

Personality Masteries is the DNA for understanding ourselves and those around us. In this course we will learn how the different personality types are both good and bad for partnerships and how to leverage the good and prevent the bad within a partnership.

This program is a one of a kind program as it combines two, of what many people would say, are the most powerful business systems in the world – the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries. Both systems have been developed and perfected over the last 20+ years to provide you with the most comprehensive combined training available in the marketplace today. They are the foundation for both the Profitable Partnership System and BOS – Business Operating System.

If you do not already have a BOS for your business, then you will gain even more benefit from this series as the systems you will learn about and then actually build through joining a mastermind group can be the foundation for your very own custom BOS.

About Your Instructors

Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC. has over 35 years of selling experience and building world wide sales teams. Tom lead a world wide sales force of over 140,000 sales professional in over 70 different countries.

Mark Boersma, international speaker, author, and trainer will present over 100 natural laws, systems, tools, processes, and techniques to help you build a sales system/process that will change the way you sell.

Profitable Partnership Grid

Would you like to turn your clients into profitable referral machines? Would you like to generate $10 for every new $1 you invest into providing a better servicing experience for your clients? Think about it . . . if you assist everyone of your clients/customers move from a Quadrant 1 relationship to a Quadrant 4 relationship . . . and then helps them to gain more value how many more referrals do you think you will receive?

This short overview session will lay out the big picture and will give a simple short case study as to why this is true.

To Listen

Would you like more details?

The following will provide you with extensive details on this very comprehensive system. Leadership and Profitable Partnerships is similar to “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

There are times where we will lead with Profitable Partnerships as it is more obvious that building the right partnerships will lead to a lot more sales. Leadership development is as much about developing profitable partnerships as partnerships are about great leadership. We will switch off between the two and seek to fully integrate both areas and all 6 levels in both areas into the overall goal of helping you/your company achieve it’s full potential.

Goal For The Course For Each Participant

Assist every participant to gain the skills, wisdom, tools/systems, and networks necessary to become a profitable partner, develop profitable partnerships and become great leaders.

We accomplish this through the use of the 5/30 Grid, Personality Masteries, and Natural Laws.

This will empower each individual who graduates from this program to attract the best partners and create the most profitable partnerships in their respective fields.


culture_valuesCulture & Values is one of those things within a company which is often overlooked because it is hard to recognize the financial return on the investment. What are the results and/or what are the costs of not having strong culture and values?

What a benefit it would be for us if we were just receive a monthly bill detailing how much it cost us by NOT having strong enough or the right culture and values within our company . . . but this will not happen, so we need to figure out the costs of NOT doing this. So many people/companies/leaders say “I know I/we should be doing this!” but then do not follow through with it. There are three reasons why we do not follow through with what we “Know we should be doing.”

1. We do not know the TRUE benefit of taking the action.

2. We do not know the TRUE costs of not taking the action.

3. We do not know how to take the action based on our current level of resources.

NatLawsLogoThroughout the entire course you will learn Natural Laws which govern the most powerful Culture & Values a company/organization can have. You will learn about the 12 Principles To Life Masteries and The Code Of Honor which are both Natural Laws for building the strong Culture & Values a company needs. It’s helping everyone to think at the highest level and in the most productive ways.

12 Principles To Life Masteries


Code of HONOR
10 Rules Of The Game

1. Produce Results!
2. Be Coachable
3. Take Ownership
4. Take Action – Be Urgent
5. Seek the Truth
6. Great Stewardship of the 5 T’s
7. Follow Natural Laws
8. Respect Others’ Perspectives
9. Manage UP and OUT


hope_timeNatural Laws govern both leadership as well as profitable partnerships. As we learn about the Natural Laws which create profitable partnerships we can take those same laws and become stronger leaders.

The 5 H’s to success combined with the 5 T’s to Stewardship produce a result that most people only dream of.

When we learn how to give people the gift of HOPE they are excited to partner with us, will be more committed, will work harder and will put more into the partnership. The more each partner gives, the greater the success that the partnership will see.

The biggest challenge to a partnership succeeding is what most people perceive as a lack of time. Actually a lack of time is not the issue, the issue is a lack of productivity because of the time we are investing in other things. When you invest our time in the right activities with the right people you will have more time. If you invest your time with the wrong people or the wrong partnership you will run out of time.


What is y    visionb2our personal Life Vision? How does your Life Vision fit into the Life Vision of your company, of those around you, of your partners? When we discover our own person Life Vision and connect it to the vision of our company and the Life Visions for those around us . . . WOW!

You will learn how to discover your Life Vision in 30 minutes. You will find this will give you clarity and purpose like you have never had before. You will understand how your daily activities fit into all that you do and how the adversities in life will actually become things which make you who you are and will propel you to full success.

head_talentsIt’s great to have all the HOPE in the world but if we aren’t able to back up that HOPE with Head knowledge we will soon run out of HOPE. We’ll learn how different personality types learn and how we can take our head knowledge and leverage that to achieve our full Life Vision.

Talents are gifts that we have been given and we learn that the greater steward we are of our talents, the more talents we will be given.

You’ll learn that to have Profitable Partnerships you will need to learn to give freely. The more you give, the more you’ll receive. If you are cautious about giving to those you partner with, then others will be cautious with you. All this cautiousness can create a self fulfilling prophecy of failure.


belief_knowNapoleon Hill, in “Think And Grow Rich”, says that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Do you believe that? Do those around you believe that? Does every employee and/or partner, have the belief that you will mutually succeed and that you can accomplish far more together than you ever could on your own?

If you have the proper belief in the right things, that belief will turn into Knowledge and that Knowledge, combined with belief, will turn into actions. If you do the right actions, in the right way, over the right period of time, you will see success.

The third “H”, Heart, is taking all that we are passionate about, discovering our Life Vision and bringing that into who we are at the deepest level. Once we have the belief, the knowledge, and take that into our heart, we are unstoppable. Partners see and can sense this and will be drawn to us. The stronger our belief, our knowledge, our heart is, the stronger our partners will be.

heart_treasureThe third “T”, Treasure to Stewardship, helps us realize that the rich are right because they know and follow the Natural Laws and the poor are poor because they do not. While Treasure does represent shapes_personmaterial wealth, the Natural Law applies to everything within us. If we are great stewards of what we have, we will be given more.

You’ll learn how certain personalities have certain treasures and how those treasurers are both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. You will learn how to prevent your strengths from becoming weaknesses because of a better understanding of yourself.


doa4This is where a lot of individuals and companies fail because they don’t takei action. If we do the right things, in the right way, over the right period of time, we will see success. The tricky part is determining what is the right action to take, what is the right way to take that action and when should we take each action.

If we have the best culture and values, the culture and values are connected into our Vision, we have the proper belief and required knowledge, then we will know how to do the “DO.” Even if we do not take the right action, in the right way, at the right time we will still learn quickly from each action taken and will be a stronger leader and will have much more profitable partnerships.

Why do some people succeed and some people do not? Why does it seem like that two different people can seemingly take the right actions and one will succeed and one will fail? When you are developing the Actions/The Do for a successful project/Profitable Partnership you often do not consider the personality of all those involved. When you DO according to your personality and the personality of those around you, you see greater success in every area of your life.

hand_trustThe Hands directly connect to the “DO” found in the leadership model. In leadership we must learn how to do the “DO” and then help others to step up and do this as well. In great leadership we learn how different personalities are motivated in different ways and how to best communicate that to each personality type.

Have you ever found that you quickly trusted someone and/or that you did not trust someone but were not sure why? Different personality types build trust based on different factors and what is interesting is what causes one personality to trust you and another personality to distrust you for the very same reason. Learning to build trust is critical to our success, both as a leader and attracting Profitable Partnerships.

When you learn deeply who you are, how you build trust and how that can be very different from other personality types, that is when you will take yourself to the NEXT dimension of success in every area of your life.

giveHave you ever found that you gave something to someone and you ended up receiving far more than you gave? Why is the often the case? In a way it’s a mystery that we do not understand but need to take by faith. Why is it that a seed, to grow, must die first?

When you learn to be a giver, you become better leaders and you will attract other partners who are also givers. When you give more than you could ever expect to receive, you will receive far more than you ended up giving.

help_truthHELPing others is aligned with GIVE for a very specific reason. When we help others we actually learn far more than we could learn in a classroom, or from a book or in any type of workshop. We actually learn far more by helping others than we do by DOing ourselves, because we see what works, not only for us, but for others ,which is a far deeper understanding.

Have you ever noticed that people who are defensive often do not grow, have surface friends or maybe very few friends at all? Do you know why? When the fifth “T” Truth is shared with people who are not coachable and/or refuse to listen and/or learn, then people around them learn not to share the truth. When we are good stewards of truth we gain more truth and when we are poor stewards of truth we stop learning. When defensiveness kicks in all learning stops.

ourlegacyDo you clearly know what legacy you would like to leave? When is a good time to start thinking about a legacy? If you answered right now, that’s a good response. Stephen Covey shares that we should “Start with the end in mind.”

What is a legacy? A legacy is really the results of our whole life. What will we leave behind? What will others remember from us? Have we left the next generation something that has great value? Our legacy is actually being built right here and now, regardless of whether we are doing it purposely or just allowing it to happen.

None of us would probably allow our house to be built without any planning or thought, so why is it that we do this so often with our lives?

If you are being a leader and/or partnering to make money, you will, at some time, become disappointed. If you are being a leader and/or partnering to help others reach their legacy and have them build yours, then you a playing in a totally different dimension, one in which very few people play. Not only is it more fun and has so much more meaning, but you will probably make a whole lot more money and work a lot less hours as well.

thenextdemnextdimensionWhat is the NEXT Dimension to building partnerships? Is it making a lot more money? Is it impacting a lot more people? What are you passionate about? What is your Life Vision? What is the vision for your company and those around you? The NEXT Dimension is actually moving one step closer to achieving your Life Vision in a way that creates meaning for us and for those who come after us.

When we learn that there are an infinite number of dimensions and that as soon as we master one, the next one comes along, we begin a whole new adventure.

By deeply learning about the NEXT Dimension we will gain new wisdom, understanding and HOPE. We will be motivated, inspired, and driven to make a difference in the lives of more people all around the world.

Your Life Vision will grow as you see the capabilities of what you truly can accomplish with others.

About Your Instructors

Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC. has over 35 years of selling experience and building world wide sales teams. Tom lead a world wide sales force of over 140,000 sales professional in over 70 different countries.

Mark Boersma, international speaker, author, and trainer will present over 100 natural laws, systems, tools, processes, and techniques to help you build a sales system/process that will change the way you sell.