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Great Question . . .
How do I get over my fear of making the wrong decision?

My Story . . .
Looking back now, I can see how I had so much fear and was concerned about making the wrong decision.

What I’ve learned is that in my amiable / analytic personality I made a lot of mistakes but couldn’t learn from them . . . because the mistakes I was making was in procrastinating, giving into fear and I kind of became frozen.

We never get a bill for those decisions / actions we don’t take.

The network alone was worth it’s weight in gold.  I have made friends which I believe will be life long.

I really enjoyed that my lead coach / mentor took the time to understand my business, my strengths, weaknesses and actually helped me discover my Life Vision and that of my CPA / accounting firm.

It’s hard for our personality types to trust.  I have and am learning to trust the integrity of systems and the BOS – Business Operating System is a system I have learned to trust.

Scott Allred – CPA

Solutions - Step 3

Once we have completed a Level 4 examination we’re ready to determine what the best solution is to get from where we are to where we want / need to be.  The better the examination the better the solution!

Take Action