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Great Question . . .
How do I make sure I follow through with my commitments and make sure I’m still having fun?

My Story . . .
Following through and trusting people or systems has always been tough for me.  I normally don’t trust people very quickly which is why it was so unusual for me to trust and commit right after the 30 minute Strategy Session.

It was that quick!

I am now pursuing my dreams and goals of becoming a speaker and professional coach and working on building out a whole new profit center for a CPA / accounting firm.  I work with a lot of analytic type of personalities and I now have confidence that I know how to work with them and can do it effectively.

The system is rock solid, the challenge, I think, is being disciplined.  For me, as a deep expressive personality, I am finding that as I stay more disciplined I have more fun and am meeting some of the most interesting and exciting people I’ve ever met in my life.

Committing to the system is not for the benefit of others.  It’s for our benefit!

Misty Reynolds