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Great Question . . .
How do I clone myself?

My Story . . .
For decades it’s seemed like I have been holding everything together in my company and honestly it was getting a little old.

As soon as I saw The 5/30 Grid I knew someone had paved the trail for me and I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel I could follow the steps of others who have gone before me.

It’s obvious that there are a number of masterminds behind all three DNA’s and you can tell that a number of people have devoted their lives to figuring out actually how to clone success.

It’s actually more about clone the success of the best of the best in every position within my company and even within the industry.

The system does this and a whole lot more!

Ron Versteeg
Telerose Printing

SEE - Step 7

When we follow through with our commitment and “Do the Do” we’ll start to Think in a very different way which will then help us to SEE things as we’ve never seen before.  This is Dimensional Living which comes from Dimensional Thinking!