Is your firm looking for new profit centers? Do you feel that your firm could be running more effectively but you don’t have the time or resources to figure out how to make that happen? Connect with other like minded professionals in this unique mastermind group to ask questions, share thoughts and best practices. If you would find value in one of the members, in this mastermind group, to provide a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session please complete few short questions online and one of the members will connect with you.

We have been working for decades with CPA / Accounting Firms.  We assist them in developing systems which create new revenue streams, increase high quality lead generation, obtain more referrals, create profitable partnerships, hire the right people and help to improve leadership and management skills.  Check out just a few of the stories of other CPA / Accounting Firms.

My Story . . . “I can’t believe all that we have accomplished in such a short period of time.    I should have moved on this a lot faster!  The systems, the process and how it’s customized specifically to myself and my practice really impressed me.”

Bucci & Associates On Boarding Process


I, like probably most CPA’s, tend to be more cautious than I should have been.  I will never know for sure how much money I lost as a result of not taking quick action , but I can see where it could be over $100,000.

I have really enjoyed the one on one coaching that is done over the phone and through webinars.  In many ways it’s better than in person as I can clearly see the modules, the steps, and the processes along with the diagrams required for me to see success.

I also value that the coaching isn’t only for me, but I can include my staff at any time and I plan to start a new profit center.

I’ve been looking for decades for a model that helps me to better use my team during non-tax season and I’ve found it.  The concept of developing deeper and more profitable relationships with my clients and the systems which create Profitable Partnerships is also very exciting!

I would have never guessed it and had a hard time trusting “The Integrity Of The System” but the truth is that getting started during the tax season was one of the best decisions I could have made.

It seemed too good to be true . . . but what’s interesting is that there’s actually far more than I even thought was possible.

Thank you!”  


One of the greatest compliments is when our clients refer others they know to us.  We have so many referrals because we work hard to create WIN WIN WIN for everyone.  Every time one of our CPA / accounting clients refers someone to us, we assist their clients / referrals in improving their BOS – Business Operating System.  

Our CPA / accounting clients look great and our mutual clients now refer more business back to our client, the CPA / accounting firm.  The referral wins, the CPA / accounting firm wins and we win.  We can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

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From: Ken Bucci <>

Subject: RE: Introduction

To: Paul

Hi Paul:

I am full fledged into the program.  It is pretty awesome.  You should talk with Mark.  I started out only putting a little time into the program, but the thirst for more information has made me a little “addicted” to putting in a little more time each week.  I did other “programs \ seminars ” in the past that help with saving time, getting work done, dealing with people, etc. but this is far better.  I have learned so much already. Definitely worth the effort.

Call me with any questions.



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Ken Bucci

CPA, Bucci & Associates

I owned a very successful practice of many years and, well, I think I had just lost the fun I use to have.

I don’t want to be too dramatic, but honestly I think the life / business plan has changed my life. I’m excited, motivated and more passionate than ever!

Not only do I feel an intense life purpose, with the discovery of my own personal Life Vision, but with the systems, tools, and networks I have now developed in just a few months I can see so many opportunities that I never saw before.

Thanks for leading me to this discovery and journey.


Randy Eikermann

Eikermann & Associates LLC,

Do you ever feel like your CPA / Accounting Practice has greater potential?

My Story . . .”‘Thanks to Synergy – my ‘whole’ being – business and personal was assessed (in detail).

It seems I have an epiphany each coaching session! What a difference an outside perspective makes.

I am developing systems that help me to grow my practice (one I have in my dreams) and have a more balanced life. I now see opportunities that I’ve felt for a long time but did not know how to turn them into reality . Now I do!”


My Story . . .

“In 1995 I embarked on an adventure with many twists and turns. Business ownership coupled with the ever changing legal world of a CPA is most painful at times. So many governmental compliance demands and customer demands – how does a CPA ever keep on top of those while growing the practice?

‘Practicing’ was hard, because the odds were against me. I have heard of ‘business’ coaching but didn’t think it was for me, nor did I have the funds to engage a coach. I don’t know why, but 3 weeks ago I pulled the trigger, and wished I had come across Synergy years ago.

Thanks to Synergy Solutions – my ‘whole’ being – business and personal was assessed (in detail). I have 12 month plan with specific actions. Coaching is in place to help me further the development of my business as it exists currently and finish the development of a CFO product/service.

It seems I have an epiphany each coaching session! This is very invigorating and soothing to my being. I strongly recommend the 30 minute complimentary interview/strategy session for any business. What a difference an outside perspective makes.

I have developed many business systems, but now see how my systems are just a scratch on the surface. The additional systems, tools, mastermind groups, and the development of Profitable Partnerships will help me to grow my practice (one I have in my dreams) and have a more balanced life. I now see opportunities that I’ve felt for a long time but did not know how to turn them into reality . Now I do!”


Scott Allred, CPA

President, Business Accounting Services and Systems, Inc, 406.721.8770

How do I gain more free time?

My Story…
“The BOS – Business Operating System with the three DNA’s opened my eyes to a whole new world of doing business.
I can’t even begin to express my appreciation for the DNA for PEOPLE, Personality Masteries and how it’s helped me to better understand, manage and motivate people.”

Richard Parness

CPA , Parness & Associates