As a veteran, do I know I have so much more potential that is not being tapped into professionally?
Do I know I would be more successful if I was just given the right chance?

There is a collaboration of business owners and networking organizations all around the world who are interested in helping veterans to discover the greatness within them and find their dream career, their calling as to why they were put on this planet.

Short Interview Questions

Once you complete the short online questions someone will connect with you within 24 hours to see if / how they might be able to assist you.  If you do not hear from someone within 24 hours please call 888.230.2300 or outside the US 630.393.9909.

Legacy Partners is connected with business owners from all around the world in various industries. The following “Job Postings” are just a few of the many possible job offerings available in many industries. Please complete the “Short Interview Questions” survey FIRST and then review over the “Job Openings.”

In General Legacy Partners are willing to mentor, train and develop people into positions. The most important things to A Legacy Partner member company is: Very Hard Work EthicStrong ValuesLoyalty as most everything else can be trained.