Starting My Own Investing Success
Once we have completed a thorough Step 1: Examination where we understand ourselves, our goals, dreams, our personality – our strengths / weaknesses and how we will succeed, we then move to Step 2: Solutions.

There are three types of solutions, a basic, an intermediate and an advanced. Each of the solutions have their advantages and it’s important that we assist you find the best solution for you.

The higher solutions will take a larger investment and when worked properly will provide a higher return and typically do it in less time.

Basic – Easy to start and very little investment
Intermediate – Greater investment and greater return
Advance – Systematize business similar to Edward

Step 2: Solutions

Which option works best for you to get started?

Let us help you find a great beginning!

What You Focus On is What You Get!

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Our mission at Renatus:

“Our mission is to empower One Million motivated individuals withprinciple centered entrepreneurial knowledge, so that they may attain financial independenceas business owners and real estate investors”