Thoughts on Step 3: Implementation

Step 3 Implementation Options

Step 3: Implementation
Implementation, without question, is the hardest part of the three step process. How many times have we been to a seminar or workshop, hear a great idea . . . but not follow through? Probably more than we can remember.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard . . . “I don’t know if I really need coaching, I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”

Stephen Covey, in The 8th Habit shares “To know and not do, is to not know.”

Actually there are three reasons we don’t follow through on something “we know” we should do.
Reason 1: We do not know the true value of taking the action.
Reason 2: We do not know the full cost of not taking the action.
Reason 3: We do not know how to take the action with the current level of resources.

Actually . . . when we think about it, every one of the above things is really a function of thinking. Learning to think in a different way is hard work, and in almost every situation requires someone else to help us to do so.

The following link will help to see all the different ways to follow through and to implement what we should implement. Of all the different ways to implement, one on one coaching has the highest follow through, the strongest and fastest results.

If you are not able to financially afford the one on one coaching, then get into another program you can afford. As you use one of the other options for Step 3: Implementation, you’ll get better with implementation. As we get better with implementation, we’ll see greater results, earn more income and work less hours. Over time you’ll be able to easily afford one on one coaching which is when you’ll see the magic of your story, your Life Vision, really come alive.

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There are many components to trust. Some individuals trust quickly while others take more time to build trust. Our desire is to help you the most and assist you succeed in your life goals in the shortest amount of time. The faster we are able to earn your trust, the faster we are able to assist you achieve your goals.

Please help us understand how we can best earn your trust and help you succeed in the time frame you desire.